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TMT Looking Ahead 2021

In the 2021 edition, we cover important legislative and regulatory developments that impact TMT businesses. 
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February 2020   Digital Platform Regulation: Latest developments in Australia.
January 2020   Getting cookies right – Guidance from France.


December 2019   The National cyber security perimeter – Italy's approach to protecting its key communications infrastructure and services  
November 2019   Cloud Survey 2019 – Key Trends  
September/October 2019   Data as an asset - Key themes across business models and multidisciplinary trends  
July/August 2019   A Short Guide to Data Privacy & Security Regulation and Enforcement 
June 2019   The long road to Osaka: Will the G20 agree an approach to digital economy tax reform in June? 
May 2019   AI regulation aim at eliminating bias
April 2019   Staying ahead in the data economy – Anticipating and adapting to the change
March 2019   Global outsourcing in a digital world

February 2019

  Looking ahead in TMT
January 2019    Takeaways from the first GDPR fines
November 2018  

Cybersecurity – a multidisciplinary approach is needed 
Legal Bytes November 2018

October 2018   Digitalization – Tax in the age of intangible value
September 2018    AI and its legal impact - Chatbots
August 2018   Financial Institutions and FinTech: How to ensure successful collaboration?  
June/July 2018   No one owns data 
May    Data Regulation - Not just the GDPR
April   25 May 2018 and Beyond: The GDPR in Practice.
March Automated and Connected Driving: Developing Laws and Regulations in Sync with Technology
February Globalization 3.0 
January Innovation and The New Lawyer