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Post-event Videos from 2019 Tech Talk in Hong Kong

Many thanks to everyone who attended our Tech Talk in Hong Kong. We hope that those of you who attended found the sessions informative, engaging and entertaining, and that our panelists were able to provide you with valuable insight from their respective fields of expertise.

We would like to share videos for each of the sessions, the slides and the bios of our panellists. Please click below to access them.

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • New infrastructures in the data economy: Impact of Greater Bay Area initiative, smart cities, autonomous mobility and more
  • Blockchain: New technologies benefiting from and enabling the data economy
  • Impact of data privacy: Cybersecurity/ data localisation/ data surveillance/ data ethics
  • Doing deals in the data economy: The role of data in tech transactions and the impact of data transfer on the restructuring of groups
  • Big data and antitrust: Competition law issues in the data economy
  • Future of work in the data economy
  • Open data and its impact
  • Digital taxation
  • Keynote presentation by Rob Koepp, Director of The Economist Corporate Network in Hong Kong