Many thanks to everyone who attended our Tech Talk Silicon Valley virtual event. We hope that you found the sessions informative, engaging and entertaining, and that our panelists were able to provide you with valuable insight from their respective fields of expertise.

We would like to share videos for each of the sessions. Please click below to access them:


Day 1: Digital Transformation and Connectivity - The Way Forward

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Panel 1: SG – A Driver of the Digital Economy

Panel 2: The Ubiquitous Cloud

Panel 3: AI & Trade Secrets: The Top 3 Things You Should be Thinking About Now

Day 2: Technology Deals, Integration and Antitrust – What You Need to Know

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Panel 4: Walking the Line: Predictions for 2021 Tech M&A and Beyond

Panel 5: Post-Acquisition Integration Best Practices for Making the Most of Your Deal

Panel 6: Key Global Trends and Considerations in Antitrust and the Technology Sector

Day 3: Supply Chain, the Impact of ESG and Compliance – What next?

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Panel 7: ESGs for Technology Companies: What's New, How to Build Compliance, and How to Message Your Efforts

Panel 8: TMT Supply Chains and China

Panel 9: The Evolving Landscape of Government Enforcement in Data Security

Day 4: Tax, the Future of Work and Privacy

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Panel 10: The Future of Work in the Tech World: Opportunities and Challenges

Panel 11: New (and Ongoing) Developments in Cross-border Taxation of TMT

Panel 12: Privacy – Top 10 Hot Topics: What You Need to Know

Day 5: Gaming, FinTech and HealthTech – What the Future Holds

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Panel 13: Convergence: Video Games Will Permeate Your Life

Panel 14: FinTech – the New Normal

Panel 15: HealthTech – Key Trends